Eleanor & Mr. Roosevelt

Update: 11-30-17: Cams are currently offline while the habitat is being cleaned and nests are being refurbished. This is also the time the eagles are given yearly physicals. The cams will be back up as soon as possible, but we do not have a precise date.

Eleanor & Mr. Roosevelt (Ellie & Roo) are a new pair who bonded years after being transferred to AEF’s Pick-a-Mate aviary. In 2016, they built a nest on the ground in Pick-a-Mate and laid 2 eggs, which were removed and placed off park in the AEF incubation room. One egg proved to be non-viable, but the 2nd egg hatched. Unfortunately, the eaglet passed away in its 2nd week. Later in the year, Ellie & Roo were placed in their own nesting aviary on Eagle Mountain. This year, Ellie & Roo’s first eaglet hatched April 11 at 10:06 pm, and the second little eaglet arrived April 13 at about 11:01 p.m. Egg 1 (ER2) was laid March 6, and Egg 2 (ER3) was laid March 9.

Update July 25, 2017: ER2 and ER3 successfully fledged from AEF's hack tower.

Update June 1, 2017: Graduation to the Hack Tower

Independence & Franklin

Update 11-5-17: Independence & Franklin’s aviary is undergoing an exhibit restoration and remodel. This is a total nest reconstruction and involves far more time than a normal nest repair entails. While restoration and reconstruction is underway, Frank & Indy are currently residing off-site at the AEF headquarters. We hope to finish the project in time for the next nesting season, but it may take longer. If Indy and Frank were to lay eggs while offsite, they would remain there until the end of the nesting season, and then returned to Eagle Mountain Sanctuary.

Independence and Franklin (Indy & Frank) are the longest active nesting Bald Eagle pair at the AEF and have successfully raised 26 eaglets which were all released from our hack tower on Douglas Lake (25 of those eaglets were biological offspring of Frank & Indy, while one of them was a foster eaglet named Miracle). The pair also laid 4 eggs which were hatched and raised by another pair at the AEF, three of which successfully fledged from our hack tower. One of their offspring, Lady Independence, returned with a mate a few years ago and built a nest in Sevierville.

On March 24, 2017, at 8:27 p.m. (EST), Indy laid her first egg of the season, followed by 2nd egg laid March 28 at 7:22 p.m., and a 3rd egg April 1, 2017. We are disappointed that Indy and Frank’s eggs did not hatch this season. Indy and Frank are doing well, and have resumed their normal behavior on Eagle Mountain Sanctuary.

Mrs. Jefferson & Isaiah

Mrs. Jefferson & Isaiah (MJ & I) have hatched and raised numerous young as a part of the AEF’s Captive Breeding and Hacking programs. They have also been wonderful foster parents.

The nest cam for Mrs Jefferson and Isaiah has been broken all season and will not be repaired until November. Not having the ability to see into the nest gave no opportunity to watch the nesting season of this breeding pair. Prior to the cam malfunction, there were 3 eggs laid (Feb. 19, Feb. 22, & Feb. 25), but unforrtunately none hatched. The pair are seen daily at Eagle Mountain and are doing well.

Feeding the Eagles

Fresh food (quail, fish, rats) is delivered daily to the eagles by AEF caregivers and left at the bottom of the hill; the parent eagles choose what they want, and then bring it back to the nest to feed themselves and their eaglets. There is also a bathing/watering tub at the same location, which the eagles often enjoy.

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